Top Six Reasons to Vote Against Measure A

Measure A is a hastily written City Charter that could permanently reshape local government and grant broad new powers to the City Council. It is being rushed to the ballot by local politicians without meaningful public review.

  • According to the City Attorney, a Charter could lead to more costly lawsuits, more costly elections, and more special interests meddling in our local affairs.

  • Measure A allows City Council members to pay themselves thousands of dollars in extra compensation.

  • Measure A enables the city to prohibit implementation of certain state laws that protect firefighters, police officers, children, seniors, and victims of domestic violence.

  • Measure A lets the City Council give taxpayer funds to individuals and organizations with no strings attached – just like Placer County's controversial “Revenue Sharing” program.

  • Measure A allows the City Council to impose higher fines and penalties on taxpayers than under current law.

  • According to the City Attorney, Charters have led other cities to hire less qualified contractors for city projects.

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